2020 Black Cowboy Festival Tentative Agenda






THURSDAY EVENTS – all times TBA         


-          Festival Kickoff

-          Festival and USDA workshops and seminars

-          Horsing Around Educational presentations (Story Telling and Crafts)

-          Documentaries

-          Opening Fish Fry (evening event


FRIDAY EVENTS – all times TBA                

            Trail ride or on Site ride and tour

-          Line Dance class

-          Famous Western Dinner Dance



SATURDAY EVENTS – all times  TBA       


-          Musical and Artistic entertainment

-          Educational Displays

-          Historical Demonstrations

-          Horsemanship Competition/ Rodeo

-          Documentaries

-          Finale Celebration/ Motown Jam Show & Disco



SUNDAY EVENT- times TBA                     


-          Church Service and  Brunch